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The website has security certificates so that transactions can be made with maximum security.

Low prices

The experience and knowledge of the market are expressed with the lowest competitive prices in the best quality

Shipping to Greece, Europe and America

The large storage space provides immediate stock for the products as well as their immediate shipment.

Alexandroupolis Store

More than 300 sqm for the immediate service of orders with comfortable parking of visitors.

Orestiada Store

Ample parking .Exhibition of goods in an area of more than 100 sqm

The company

Our company continues for the 5th decade to be active in the field of labor and military clothing. It has a production and commercial branch. The large stock allows the immediate shipment of your orders.

Our numbers


"Military" The company's occupation with the clothing of security forces is a core activity. Apart from clothing and footwear, the company also trades a large number of equipment. Browsing between the categories of the website shows the number of merchandise available to the company.


The second main area of the enterprise is the production and marketing of workwear. Apparel and equipment for all uses. In cooperation with Portwest we have a huge range of products.


The long-term activity in the field has created an experience in the field of materials. The company sells fabrics mainly labor and camouflage for the manufacture of garments.

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